Mercedes GLC 250d 2016 Details

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018 - Mercedes

Mercedes GLC 250d 2016 review

Does Mercedes GLC SUV have the accreditations to take the battle to the BMW X3 and Audi Q5?


The Mercedes GLC 250d 2016 couldn’t have come sooner for Mercedes. While the BMW X3 and Audi Q5 have been flying out of dealerships for quite a long time, Mercedes has been left twiddling its thumbs with nothing fit as a fiddle of an average sized SUV to offer. The Mercedes GLC 250d 2016 takes the best bits from the C-Class and bundles them in a functional, lavish and good looking 4×4 body to create something that is certain to put a gouge in both Audi and BMW’s SUV deals.

The average sized Mercedes SUV is an uncommon mammoth on UK streets. As of not long ago, we’ve just had the monstrous GL-Class in this nation – the old GLK never made it to Britain in view of challenges changing over it to right-hand drive. The new GLC endeavors to cure that, however, being a more keen, sleeker and more down to earth successor. We’ve been in the driver’s seat surprisingly on UK streets.

The Mercedes GLC 250d 2016 we have here is the 250d model, the all the more capable of the two diesels on offer. It conveys 201bhp from Mercedes attempted and-tried (some may say elderly) 2.1-liter four-barrel diesel motor. There’s additionally a less expensive 220d model which makes 168bhp from the same motor, yet both autos claim indistinguishable economy of 56.5mpg.

Wrapped in suggestive AMG Line trim and its going with bodykit, the GLC positively doesn’t come modest. It’s evaluated at £39,595 before you begin including any additional items – a comparative spec BMW X3 will cost around £2,500 less.

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Be that as it may, the auto starts to compensate at its robust cost tag inside, where it’s tasteful and utilitarian. The lodge configuration is lifted straight from the C-Class, however there’s a level of craftsmanship in the fit and complete that you don’t get in a X3 or the maturing Audi Q5.

A marginally more dated zone of the Mercedes GLC 250d 2016 is its motor. The 2.1-liter diesel has been appearing in Mercedes’ new models for quite a long time, and it’s regularly censured for its absence of refinement. Still, you’re much better separated from the rough diesel ramble here than in a C-Class, for instance. That is aided by the standard nine-speed programmed gearbox, which has been introduced to amplify efficiency and minimize motor clamor. The transmission benefits a vocation of ripping at its way through its nine proportions as fast as would be prudent – pulling only 1,500rpm at 70mph. Cut the throttle, and there’s a brief respite before the auto chooses which is the best rigging for the errand close by, however then it skims easily not far off. It doesn’t feel as lively as its 0-62mph time of 7.6 seconds proposes, yet it’s sufficiently quick.

Mercedes GLC 250d 2016 - dashboard

The ride isn’t as supple as you’d anticipate from a SUV of this size, in addition to the 19-inch edges don’t help it, either. Be that as it may, air-suspension is offered in the GLC as a £1,495 alternative, which might be worth considering in case you’re after a S-Class like padded ride.

Body control is extremely great, however. The Mercedes doesn’t incline and reel over on speedier twists; we simply wish the insensible guiding gave more criticism.

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